Medium voltage motors and control speed options

Variability is typical for the present time and this also applies to medium voltage motors. Speed control is also possible with medium voltage motors up to 1500 kW, but on the other hand, such a solution is relatively expensive. It is therefore more advantageous to apply a low voltage motor in terms of cost. The situation may require dismantling the original motor and replacing it with a low voltage variant. Medium voltage motors are an important part of various applications and can be an absolutely irreplaceable feature. Their practical applicability knows no boundaries. However, if for some reason you will be forced to replace it with a low-voltage motor, then the following lines will look at the possible ways of replacing it.  

Medium voltage motors and practical tips for their replacement 

Medium voltage motors for automotive industry
Types of medium voltage motors

In practice, it is possible to replace medium voltage motors in three variants. The first is that the original motor is left, but the application will be extended with a high-voltage frequency converter. As a clear advantage we will mention the retention of the original engine and the possibility of using any backup engines. Another advantage of such applications is the original cables. The disadvantage is that in some cases we can talk about higher cost demands and this also applies to subsequent operation. Older engines may also show lower efficiency. The second option is again to keep the original medium voltage motors, but it is necessary to provide a new low-voltage converter with increasing transformer. The advantages mentioned in the first method also apply here, but there are others. In such a way of exchange it is also possible to use very long cables and in specific numbers we can talk about a few kilometers. Moreover, such a solution is characterized by lower cost demands. However, the possible low efficiency of the motor is a disadvantage here and the efficiency may be lower by the losses on the transformer. The third way to replace medium voltage motors is to simply replace them with a low voltage motor and a low voltage frequency converter. The advantages of such a solution are unambiguous and we can speak in particular about high efficiency, low operating costs and the lowest price of all the above mentioned methods.  For more information, visit the website